Updated 29-Jul-2004

   Alex is 17, Sam is 13, Eleanor is 5 (and quite loud)
   Current menageria includes one (old) head of dog, and three head of cats. The finches were given a new home, while the starlings escaped from their cage when we moved to our new home at 1017 Babcock St. in Neenah.
   Sam finished his third year of home schooling with a bang by completing 8 math lessons (about 280 problems) in one day to finish his book a week ahead of schedule and earn some nice goodies from Mom and Dad.
   Alex just picked up another guitar today: an Alvarez 12-string. He's taken a shine to Leo Kottke. He's taking the new guitar to Wisconsin Christian Youth Camp this Sunday. He got the guitar as a reward for sealing and painting the basement floor and walls after we moved into the new house.
   Steve took Sam to see "Van Helsing" two days ago. Steve thought it was voluptuously overdone. Sam thought it was the best movie he's ever seen in his entire life. Perspective.

Updated 11-Jul-2003

   Alex is 16, Sam is 12, Eleanor is 4.
   Current menagerie includes one head of dog, one head of cat, 4 zebra finches, and 3 starlings.
   Sam is continuing home-school throught the summer on a reduced schedule.
   Alex continues to improve on the guitar.
   Sam has finished and Alex is two-thirds of the way through "The Order of the Phoenix".
   Eleanor marched in the children's Independence Day parade dressed in a Betsy Ross outfit that Janet made.